Top ten ways to be truthful

Being truthful is not so easy. But being truthful is necessary.

To be truthful is like to live like a king with no bounds. But how much truthfulness is necessary?

Be true in your mind and ask it whenever you have to step against it.

So here is the top tern ways to be truthful…

1. Content with what you have
2. Believe in you
3. Trust others
4. Be honest to you at first
5. Avoid scenarios that test you truthfulness
6. Be proud that you are making history
7. Stand by whatever you say. Give 100% to your view
8. When time comes decide to stock to truthfulness.
9. Expect less do more
10. Tell your friends, colleagues and those who matters that you are serious about being truthful


Top ten ways to live healthy

Everybody in this world wants to live. To live long you have to be healthy. To be healthy, you have to be happy. To be happy, you have to be positive. To be positive you have to be truthful. To be truthful you have to be strict. 

 Top ten ways to live positive

  1. Eat like snake for breakfast, like cow for lunch and like ant for dinner
  2. Sleep like a baby
  3. Practice yoga or exercise 
  4. Play with kids once a week
  5. Eat what you like once a month
  6. Let your anger go
  7. Drink water as much as you want
  8. Apologize n accept things
  9. Hangout wih friends
  10. Talk your heart out

#be the change

Truth about lie

Lie is essential. Everything that is near you far from you at reachable distance at unreachable distance are lie. Everything that you dream for is lie. Everything that you experience now is lie. Yet you enjoy it.

Life is all about lie. You think you know the truth,think twice because that will not be always true. And which is not always true can not be truth.
You think success is truth. No truth will never fade and success doesn’t stand a chance there. 

You think love is truth. Well truth will never bend for anything and love is so flexible and it fails. 

Then what is truth? Where you can find it? How to experience the truth? 

Do you really like it? Can you enjoy it? 

Things that are true will not be true, and when you experience the bliss of truth you will understand the beauty of lie

Go for it #NOW

Days were passing. He knew that if it is now or never. He wanted to do something great, but all he was searching for a way to achieve that. 

He always had the power, deep inside him he knew that he was much better than many others he saw. His innerself was begging him to reach the heights which it felt that he could easily avhieve. 

He was just a spectator when ordinaries around him doing ordinary things showed spectacular growth. Which he thought were so silly to do. It was then he realized that he had to do ordinary things and wowify that ordinary things with his niche skills. 

The cake remains the same but only flavor of cream changes

Finally when he realised, all he had to do was to free his mind and make it flow. He was too far from experimenting things and reached a state where he could only swim along stream and not against it.

Youthfulness and idea had to be enjoyed as raw as you can. Because you never know what mix you make. Your martini cannot be sold unless you showcase it. It would be different but that will always be yours…

3 mandatory steps for open organization

What is an open organisation? – An open organization is one in which your employees feel the importance of working and realize their contribution is much welcomed and appreciated. They should feel comfortable in accepting and pointing mistakes.

Why it is needed? – An open organization encourages people to work cohesively and progressively towards company’s mission. Only when they feel special, they can see company’s mission as one of their own.

Three steps for an organization to become open are,

Step 1 : Focus only to goals and performance compared to position

You should give importance only to performance and goals they achieve rather than their position in organization. Once you give more importance to position, people tend to feel insecure and start to work towards their personal goals rather than company’s.

Step 2 : Train your higher officials to accept sub ordinates’ idea

Train people who are high in your ladder and make them understand that people with fresh mind can many times bring you out of box solutions. Accept those. Only when you accept them, organization will be wide open. Once you start accepting, then you will see an increase in response.

Step 3 : Focus on solving problems

Always focus your energy on solving problems and finding solutions. Hierarchies and Management should focus on the best solution rather than dictating solution. The more democratic be your organization the more forward you will fly.

One Mistake

Every light has a shadow. Nothing here is perfect. It is that imperfection in everything, rotates world. Life teaches you on how to adapt mistakes.

A mistake that you do, takes driver seat and tracks your life. You learn from it, stop it. else you will lose your control.

Single mistake of eloping made families split. Single mistake of adulteration made life spoilt. Single mistake of lying made people die.

We can not avoid mistakes at any point of time but we can correct it. To all those who realized that you made mistake, go ahead apologize, plead and beg. Accept your mistakes and stop repeating.

To all those who argue they had never done a mistake. Please take time and realize that somewhere you would have made a mistake that still bothers someone.


Mistakes are everywhere. But sorries are rare.

Valentine and Leadership

The love inevitably has an impact in whatever you do.

Choose a job you love, then you don’t have to work a day in life

Enjoy what you do. As a leader, you should inspire others and guide them to the common vision of success. If you have to inspire people, you have to love your work more than anything.

Once you love job, you will have passion, then you will get inspired, which makes you an leader, trusted to be followed.

If you love it, you will do it well

Everyone can do things correctly, but its only with love people will do amazing things.

So love what you do and do what you love and carve a niche

Software engineer diaries – a journey

Once Raj reaches office, waits for security check, which he thinks inefficient, yet he has to accept. He has at least twenty people waiting before him. Suddenly his right brain takes a tour in his memories.

He was calculating how many speed breakers, he has crossed on his way. The road was in bad condition apart from those speed breakers. In his 18 km journey, his backbone and his vehicle’s suspension been through lot of testing.

He was frustrated. He always wanted to move closer to his office. But fear of change, has kept him. He was in a dilemma whether to put his backbone a test or to move closer to office.

But someone blows whistle, his senses track back to his current location. It was a call from security. He came into senses, and notices he has moved forward. He shows his ID, and moves forward. His decision on shifting home goes indecisive. He stops his vehicle in his allotted spot, starts for his battle.

His decision, as always goes indecisive and his concentration moves somewhere or distracted to somewhere.

A journey through speed breakers roll on…